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Athmar Park - Denver


Bordered to the East by the South Platte River and to the West by the Little Saigon Business District and Federal Boulevard, between Alameda Ave to the North and Mississippi to the South.  Athmar Park has many riches to offer: some of the best food in town including dim sum, Vietnamese, and traditional Mexican; four amazing parks including Huston Lake Park; Aspgren Park, Vanderbilt Lake Park, and the Johnson Habitat Park; cute Tudor bungalows dating back to 1927; and much more.

In 1946, Thomas and John R. McCusker purchased the land and developed the Denver subdivision named “Athmar Park.” According to urban legend, the name “Athmar” originated from the combination of the names of the developers’ two wives—Athea and Mary (APNA).

Visit the Athmar Park website here.

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Neighborhood Digs

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The Athmar Park Farmer's Market is a must see. Sponsored by Colorado Farmers Association, it has the best locally grown produce around. Check it out this summer and support your local farmers and have a yummy treat while you're there! To get more information regarding the market, check out their website.

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Athmar Recreation Center has a variety of classes and acivities that any individual can do. They range from pickleball all the way to swim classes. They have an open gym where you can drop by and play basketball for a daily fee or you can use your MY Denver Card which is specifically geared toward the youth. Their schedule for the MY Denver Card activites can be viewed here.



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Fun Facts:

  • Athmar Park was named one of the nation’s hottest neighborhoods by Redfin in 2017

  • The neighborhood association is very active and hosts monthly meetings, an annual picnic, a movie in the park, progressive dinners, volleyball games, and bicycle tours.

  • The Athmar Park Active Living Coalition (ALC) is a organization founded by the neighborhood association, whose goal is to promote physical activity and increase healthy choices among community members. Learn more here.

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HOA Info:

According to the HOA website, “In 1991, a group of Denver’s Athmar Park residents decided to join together to improve the health, safety, and spirit of the area from West Alameda south to West Mississippi and from the South Platte River west to Federal Boulevard. They formed the Athmar Park Neighborhood Association, an all-volunteer organization composed of residents and business owners.

The purpose of the Athmar Park Neighborhood Association is:
  1. To foster a spirit of community by finding positive, supportive means to meet the human and social needs that exist among the residents and businesses of the Athmar Park neighborhood.

  2. To preserve and enhance the character of our neighborhood by undertaking activities, such as community-based planning, to act as a guide in decisions made by the City and Count of Denver, The Denver Public Schools Board, and other institutions.

  3. To aid in promoting a sense of security for all residents of the neighborhood by developing the methods for dealing with, and combating, crime.

  4. To work with other organizations of the City and County of Denver in carrying out the foregoing purposes, and to serve as a coordinating center for community residents’ concerns.”



To find out more, visit the Athmar Park HOA website here.

Do you live in Athmar Park? Where is your favorite place to spend time in your neighborhood?

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