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Belcaro - Denver


Phipps Mansion, By Jeffrey Beall – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Centered around the infamous Phipps Mansion, the Belcaro neighborhood of Denver began developing in 1931.

Belcaro Park is a beautiful Denver neighborhood, created in the 1940s, which is distinguished by its park-like setting. Today, the Belcaro neighborhood, encircling the Phipps Mansion, is home to many elegant, expansive, mostly ranch-style homes, with large, pristine, well-manicured lawns.

Very centrally located near Cherry Creek, between Bonnie Brae and Colorado Boulevard, and next to Polo Club, Belcaro is now one of Denver’s most sought-after neighborhoods (Discover Denver).

Interactive Map:

Location Map with Boundaries:


Neighborhood Digs


Bonnie Brae Ice Cream. Photo courtesy of Bonnie Brae.

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream is a decadent treat on a hot day. With ice cream being made on site, they never disappoint with their wild flavors and old fashion charm.

Art Work/Museums:

DENVER, CO – JANUARY 12: “Alley Cat” by Steve and Ellen Haverl. (Photo by Kathryn Scott/The Denver Post)

The Denver metro area is well known for the beautiful street art that adorns the buildings and alleyways of the city – the Belcaro neighborhood is no exception. Here you can find a map of various pieces of Alley Art in Belcaro.


  • Bonnie Brae Park

  • City of Brest Park

  • City of Karmiel Park



  • Lawrence Phipps:

    • commissioned the Belcaro Mansion. Phipps also made many donations to the city of Denver, such as the Phipps Auditorium (now the IMAX Theater) at the Museum of Natural History.

  • Margaret Phipps:

    • donated the Belcaro Mansion to Denver University in the 1960’s.

  • The Belcaro neighborhood was named after the mansion built by Lawrence Cowle Phipps in 1933.

  • The Phipps Mansion consists of 54 rooms, two of which were imported from England.

  • “Belcaro” is the Italian phrase for “dear one”.

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Via car: 15 minutes

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 12.32.28

Via bike: 36 minutes

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According to the Belcaro Park HOA website, the Belcaro Park Homeowners Association is a Colorado corporation with 501(c)(4) non-profit status. The BPHA manages the business of the Association as established in the bylaws and upholds the architectural covenants.

The Association has a 21-member board of directors which is responsible for representing the interests of the entire neighborhood.  The board of directors has quarterly meetings in January, April, July and September. Each year an annual meeting is held in late August or early September.


Any owner of real property or resident whose property or residence is located wholly or partially within the area who is at least 18 years of age may become a member of the Association upon the payment of the annual membership dues.


If you would like to know more about the Belcaro HOA, reach out to the board here.


Do you live in Belcaro? Where is your favorite place to spend time in your neighborhood?

Interested in moving into Belcaro? Contact us today for active listings in the area!

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