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Capitol Hill - Denver

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Aerial view of Denver/Capitol Hill. Photo courtesy of

For 150 years, the Capitol Hill neighborhood has played an important role in the history of Colorado state. By the end of the twentieth century, the area had evolved into an exciting blend of past and present with classic century-old mansions and contemporary town homes and apartment buildings existing side by side.

From the historic Molly Brown House to the boldly contemporary Art Museum Residences, Capitol Hill is an exuberant residential, governmental, and commercial center with an array of museums, cafes, clubs, galleries, coffeehouses and shops (Denver Library).

Interactive Map:

Neighborhood Attractions


Denver Art Museum. Photo courtesy of DAM.

Denver Art Museum is the premier art attraction in Denver. Opened in 1948, and redesigned in 2004, the Denver Art Museum is full of beautiful art and has many fun interactions even for small children. Every first Saturday of the month the museum has a free day to the general public so all who would like to explore its halls can it check out.

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Civic Center Park. Photos courtesy of

One of Denver's most iconic parks, featuring a beautiful fountain and historical architecture, civic center park is a must visit. It also features large areas full of beautiful blooming flowers. Throughout the year, several festivities are hosted at Civic Center Park, to find out more visit here.


Colorado state capitol building in Denver. Photo courtesy of

The Denver capitol building, in our humble opinion, is one of the most eccentrically built capitols in the U.S. The intricate architecture was constructed in the 1890's and was opened in 1894 (source). In 1908, the gold was added to the roof to commemorate the Colorado Gold Rush. In 2013, the 13th step in front of the building was proclaimed exactly 1 mile or 5280 feet from sea level. Due to past inaccurate measurements, the 15th step is the one labeled with a plaque that reads, "One Mile Above Sea Level."




  • King Soopers

  • Natural Grocers

  • Trader Joe's

  • Civic Center Park

  • Governor’s Park

  • Quality Hill Park



  • Capitol Hill neighborhood was ranked in Thrillest Top 10 Most Beautiful Neighborhoods in the country in 2015.

  • Cap Hill is home to Titanic survivor and philanthropist Margaret “Molly” Brown.

  • Cap Hill is one of the oldest residential areas in Denver.

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Via car: 7 minutes

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Via bike: 8 minutes

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 1.28.53 PM.png

Via walking: 20 minutes

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“At the foundation of all Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods does is the notion of civic participation – that our community becomes healthier and more vibrant through the active involvement of the people who live and work in our neighborhoods.

Fundamental to Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods Mission is working to strengthen the civic health of our neighborhoods.  It seems like an intangible element but when you’re in a community with strong civic health, you know it.” (CHUN)

 Over many years we have:

  • Prevented the closure of neighborhood schools

  • Worked with the city and other neighborhoods to designate many historic districts and landmark structures

  • Planted thousands of street trees in all parts of Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods

  • Worked with the city and other neighborhoods to reduce the number of one-way streets and to add street parking in many areas (source).

Capitol Hill United Neighbors (C.H.U.N.)


Twitter: @CHUNDenver

Facebook: @chundenver


Do you live in Cap Hill? Where is your favorite place to spend time in your neighborhood?

Interested in moving into Capitol Hill? Contact us today for active listings in the area!

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