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Reality of the housing market!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Reality of the housing market. I submitted an offer for a client this past weekend that had 54 offers within 5 days of going on the market. With roughly 200 showings! Top offer was almost $100k over the asking price. They had 23 offers within the first few days. 41 offers 5 minutes before the Sunday deadline for offers and 54 by the end of day. If you’re thinking of selling there is no better time then now. The market is 🔥. If you’re thinking of buying make sure you have an experienced agent that knows how to navigate this kind of market. I work with buyers and sellers. I’ve been able to get my clients properties sold and them into

a new home that fits their next stage of life goals. Give me a call if you want to know more. (303) 907-5642

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