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UV Furnace Light to Kill Germs, Viruses and Fungi

Tin Man Heating and Cooling installed a UV light in the furnace at my home. It kills germs, controls pet odor, smoke, viruses, fungi, dust and allergens. I’m so excited about this product that I wanted to share it with you. Stay healthy while you stay home.

Germicidal UV is the trusted method used in hospitals.

Powerful UVC germicidal lamp provides single pass killing.

UVV lamp controls odors by oxidizing gases and toxins.

Winter days are shorter which gives us less ultraviolet light from the sun. Ultraviolet light kills germs. This UV light brings Mother Nature’s natural benefits from the sun into your home through your heating/cooling system.

If you’d like a UV light installed in your furnace call the owner of TinMan Heating and Cooling -

Randy Rosales

(720) 400-9996

Video provided by: The HOME Team

Elizabeth McCormack

(303) 907-5642

REALTOR with Your Castle Real Estate, Denver, CO

Rob Classen

(720) 320-6666

REALTOR with Your Castle Real Estate

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